Friday, February 21, 2014

My Last Hungarian Meal - Gundel

I was so sad when my final day in Budapest approached, but it did mean we got to eat at Gundel, a well established, renowned Hungarian restaurant near Budapest City Park. 

When we entered the foyer we were kindly greeted by several staff who looked like they were going to pounce at our beckon call. They were polite, friendly and very attentive. The foyer walls were filled with respectable awards and a collection of photos of reputable people who experienced the magic from the kitchen of GundelAs we were seated I took a good look around and the restaurant just oozed history, elegance and class. The waiter kindly bought us out a little dish to try. I don't remember what it exactly was but the meat was duck.

For lunch I chose the set menu "Luncheon Temptation" for 6500HUF. This included:

Starter - pike-perch terrine with sage oil and arugula leaves
Main - grilled breast of guinea hen with basil seasoned layered vegetables
Dessert - caramel cake with caramel walnut

The food was outstanding from start to finish. My main was the star of the show, the chicken was cooked to perfection and was flavoured so well. Throughout the meal I appreciated the small details like the elephant moulded butter, the sugar icicle stick and the faultless presentation. I'm glad we made the trip to Gundel

My only negatives is that it was quite expensive and the service was quite slow between the dishes. 

Selection of warm bread and decorative butter
Complimentary dish from the chef
Pike-perch terrine with sage oil and arugula leaves
My friend's vegetarian strudel
Grilled breast of guinea hen with basil seasoned layered vegetables
Caramel cake with caramelised walnut
Mix selection of desserts

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