Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Bridge House - Paddington

With our netball season finished the team and I decided to catch up over wine and food at The Bridge House in Little Venice. I’ve never ventured on foot towards this side of Paddington before and wish I had during the day because it was so pretty and quaint.
The Bridge House sits beside the canal and was the perfect place to catch up with friends. For dinner I chose the pork and chorizo burger with caramelised red onion and fries. This was delicious, the bun had been lightly toasted and there was a lot of meat in the pork patty. But the star of the show was the caramelised onion topping. It was sweet, rich and complimented the pork so well. The bun to burger ratio was perfect, only it was quite messy to eat with my hands.
The fries came with a creamy chilli mayo, but one peeve was half the fries served were an inch or shorter in length. I prefer when they are longer so you can dip it in the sauce without getting your fingers messy.
Aside from that I would definitely return to The Bridge House, it’s the type of pub you could easily spend a whole afternoon lounging on the sofas in front of the fire. I loved the atmosphere and the staff were really friendly and polite.
Pork and chorizo burger with skinny fries

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