Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winning at Wimpy

The winner of Wimpy 2013 goes to my home town Worthing! This was a total shocker to me as I didn't realise Wimpy had been renovated and is totally unrecognisable from how I remembered it. It's modern, immaculate and extremely welcoming. My first credit goes to the staff who were so friendly, they were attentive from the moment we walked through the door and up until we left. Most of the staff looked like they came straight out of high school and it was pretty refreshing to see service with a smile and not a moody teenager.

Second credit goes to the food, it's a lot better from what I remembered and reasonably priced. My friend and I did the 'Buy one get one free open burger' deal and I chose the Smokey BBQ burger, which is a quarter pounder topped with cheese, onion rings, bacon and BBQ sauce, I then ordered chips and a mango shake. 

Mango shake

Its not often I feel civilised in a fast food chain as usually my food is wrapped in paper and then carried in a brown paper bag, but in Wimpy the food is served on white plates which makes such a difference. The food was good and strong marks on presentation, if its one thing I hate about eating a burger is having to rearrange the toppings to make it consumable. My only negative comes from the mango shake, it was bright green and did not look natural, would be more appealing if it looked less radioactive.

Smokey BBQ burger
Overall I think they've really hit the nail on the head in making Wimpy a friendlier and family focused place. The sterile atmosphere and outdated perception that once overshadowed it has totally gone. Definitely a lot of discipline and hard work gone in to improve this place, I hope they manage to maintain the quality and keep their standards high. This old chain has definitely changed my mind and I'd recommend to all Worthingites to break away from McDonalds and get yourself down to Worthing's Wimpy, deserved winner of 2013.

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