Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cucina Restaurant - Westminster

Cucina Restaurant sits close to the London Eye and behind County Hall so it's in the prime location to attract large crowds into a marginally cramped restaurant. Cucina claims to be an Italian restaurant but I beg to differ. Would you really see bangers and mash and chicken burgers in an authentic Italian restaurant? I thought not. I think because they are situated in a great location for tourists they've altered the menu to cater for everyone and anyone. I expected to see more pizza and pasta choices. 

The food is average, the "no frills" type. My friends and I shared garlic bread and pita with hummus for starters. Very simple, something which could be easily rustled up at home. For my main I chose the chicken kiev(which I don't see on the menu any more). This was disappointing. The batter was soggy and lacked any crunch or flavour, it came apart as one, when I pulled it from the chicken. Think they need a lesson from KFC in how to batter chicken with breadcrumbs. However I did like the idea that they used an actual chicken leg and filled it with garlic butter before battering it. 

Overall I probably wouldn't recommend Cucina Restaurant out of all the places you can eat around Southbank. It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't anything to rave about. 

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