Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Huzar - Budapest

Huzar was the end product after rummaging through our hotel leaflets looking for a place to eat. The restaurant was only a stone throw away from our hotel and was highly recommended by the staff.

The menu has traditional Hungarian dishes for a reasonable price. I chose the filet mignons of pork medallions coated with bacon and paprika, tomato with new potatoes. The food was good and portion size was decent, although the food and plate did look like it came straight out my aunt's kitchen. A slap on the plate type job.

There was some lovely live classical music being played on the accordion and violin whilst we ate dinner. They even took requests from the customers and serenaded us as we ate until the awkward moment came when the violinist took out his CD and asked if we were interested in purchasing it. I could see in my friend's eye across the table thinking of how to get out of this situation. We politely declined and I could tell how disappointed the man was and he said something to his friend in Hungarian but I heard the word "Angol", which obviously meant English, which made the whole thing more uncomfortable. Luckily by then we had finished our meal and were ready to swiftly move on.

I wouldn't come back to Huzar again, as there are other restaurants in the neighbourhood which were recommended to us that have the potential to be better. 

Filet mignons of pork medallions with new potatoes

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