Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tokyo Tempura at Japan Centre

Since Japan Centre relocated to Shaftsbury Avenue I made time to check it out. I never visited when it was located on Regents Street, so today was a first. The place sells food and a lot of it, from sushi, desserts, noodles and even has a hot food counter with seating. Judging from today, I would try and avoid it on Saturdays as the place isn't huge and gets crowded quickly.

After meandering through the sea of people my friend and I managed to grab a seat and order food from the hot counter. Paying for your food isn't the most convenient as you place your order by the hot food counter, then join the main cashier queue on the other side of the building to pay for it and then have to go back and wait by the hot food for your name to be called out. 

However once you're settled with your food it is pretty good. I ordered the Tokyo Tempura from the noodle menu which was prawn tempura, wakane seaweed, fish cake, spring onion, bean sprout and sesame seeds in the noodle and broth of your choice. My selection was udon in a miso based soup. It was tasty, filling and reminded me of home in a strange way. The prices are very reasonable for what you get and looks like all the food is prepared in the kitchen at the back.

I see myself coming back here again, as there were so many other dishes I'd like to try especially from their fridge selection where you can pick up sushi and bento boxes to take away. 

Tokyo Tempura

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