Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kurobuta - Marble Arch

I think every foodie should have someone like my best friend in their life. She always knows the 411 on new and upcoming places to eat. She text me asking if I wanted to try out this new restaurant she had booked called Kurobuta and reeled me in with the line "the ex head chef of Nobu co-owns it". Hook and sink. 

Kurobuta started out as a pop up restaurant in Chelsea, I don't know what it was like there but I can speak for the permanent restaurant near Marble Arch. The concept is inspired by Japanese izakayas (kind of like a pub, its a place where you drink and can eat food) and serves a twisted take on Japanese cuisine. 

What you need to understand about Kurobuta (best to think of it like tapas style) is you order what you want and the dishes are served in no particular order at different times. This is where you get the izakaya feel, as I sat talking to my friend and the food was dished up whenever it was prepared. 

After deliberating for ten minutes over the menu, my friend and I chose (my choices being the two latter):
Tuna sashimi pizza with truffle ponzu, red onions and green chillies
- Salmon gravadlax and avocado tartare with dill mayo, rice crunchies and fresh yuzu zest
BBQ pork belly in steamed buns with spicy peanut soy
Nasu Dengaku; sticky miso grilled aubergine with sesame seeds

The BBQ pork belly was to die for, it was juicy and had a subtle charred flavour to it. Don't forget the spicy peanut soy, it deserves just as much credit. It had a very distinct smoky flavour to it, each bite came with a crunch from the peanuts.

The nasu dengaku was nothing like I expected it to be, it was better. The aubergine just melted in your mouth and the sticky miso was something I've never tasted before. I wanted to savour each and every single bite. 
Tuna sashimi pizza
Salmon gravadlax and avocado tartare
BBQ pork belly bun
Nasu dengaku

As our main meals impressed us so much we decided to go for dessert. I chose the jelly doughnut pistachio parfait, which looked so funky on the plate. My first mouthful gave me a nostalgic feeling of having soap in my mouth, think I got this flavour from some citrus in the dessert. The doughnut was soft and filled with a thick dollop of chocolate. Yummy!

Jelly doughnut pistachio parfait
Japanese carrot cake
A big bravo to Scott Hallsworth, he clearly knows how to create some incredible dishes, which leave you wanting more. The quality and effort that goes into these dishes are reflected in the price and its not cheap. Would recommend it's worth a visit and highly advise to book well in advance to avoid any disappointment.

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