Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beirut Express - Edgware Road

It's hard to pick a restaurant to eat down Edgware Road as there are so many like for like. One that always catches my eye is Beirut Express, which sits on the corner of Kendall Street and Edgware Road with its bright orange and blue sign. Beirut Express is one of the many eateries owned by the Maroush chain, I can only claim to have eaten at Maroush Gardens, which is more expensive and classier. If you're looking for something quick or more casual then Beirut Express is the one.

The restaurant is always busy when I walk past, but then I realised it only seats around thirty people. I loosely use the word restaurant, I personally think of it as a large take away.

I came here with friends after work and ordered the farrouj meshwi, which is charcoal-grilled boneless baby chicken served with garlic sauce. The portion was huge, I was struggling to eat it all even though I badly wanted to. The chicken was really good, it was juicy and I love the charred flavour. To wash down my meal I had the grapefruit juice, which is made fresh behind the counter, I noticed people buying these and taking it away.

I enjoyed the meal and the food was delicious. I think the service could have been better, as we repeatedly tried to get the waiters attention, but all they wanted to do was congregate around the till and talk. I was also surprised that it was cash only. 

My massive baby chicken with garlic sauce on the side

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