Thursday, May 15, 2014

DimT - London Bridge

This was my second time at DimT and at the exact same branch at London Bridge so I knew what to expect from the food and service.

Last time I tried to curried udon, but today I went for the sweet coconut Japanese rice noodles with lemon grass, tofu, roasted coconut, peppers, carrots, bean sprouts, red onion and green beans in a spicy Thai sauce. I'm not convinced that this dish was either Japanese or Thai, it was more like a super westernised bowl of creamy noodles.

The first few mouthfuls was pleasant as I could taste the coconut topping, but there on after the flavour was gone. The tofu was chewy and tough and I honestly think they used the same soup base as what's in the curried udon. This dish didn't leave a great impression with me. 

My dessert on the other hand was yummy. I tried the home made chocolate ice cream and my friend chose the iced berries with white chocolate. The iced berries dessert looked a lot better than it tasted, the fruit was bitter and I don't think its served with white chocolate, more like condensed milk.  
Despite the food, it was my friends who made this meal experience enjoyable at DimT, as we managed to catch up after a long time. I'm definitely done with this chain and hopefully won't be coming back so soon.

Sweet coconut noodles with lifeless coriander

Iced berries with "white chocolate"
Home made ice cream

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