Sunday, May 25, 2014

Papa Charlie - Greenwich

Don't be fooled by the outside of Papa Charlie Mediterranean restaurant. Although it looks modern and impressive this is as far as it goes, we had the worst dining experience here.

Although the waitress told us they were short staffed, the service was painfully slow. They should have closed off part of the restaurant and reduced the number of tables, rather than running themselves thin on the ground and trying to serve everyone. What ever happened to quality over quantity?
Set menu - two courses for £10.95
It took thirty-five minutes from when we ordered our starters to it being served and not only was it late but they missed out an order. Half way through eating our starters my friend cancelled her forgotten borek as 1. it was taking too long and 2. from looking at my borek the filo pastry was raw inside and was barely filled with spinach and feta. It was like biting into a crispy pocket of soggy paper. My friend mentioned this to the manager who huffed heavily at her and stormed off. A few minutes later he passed again and served my friend her cancelled borek and told us it was for free, even though it was already included in the set meal we ordered. 

Borek with a leaf of spinach and no feta
 Thirty minutes after our starters the main was dished up, I had the sea bass served with chips and salad. The seabass was seasoned well and the chips and salad was ok. My friends chose the vegetable moussaka, which sat in a pool of oil in the serving pot. I tried a spoonful of it and it was mushy and flavourless, the texture was like eating a caramel cr√®me.

Seabass with chips and salad
Moussaka dripping with oil
When the bill came it was an absolute joke. When the manager said my friend's borek was free, they took 3p off the bill! We disputed this and he then reduced it by £7, but to add salt to the wound we had to pay the 10% service charge, which they did not deserve and ended up paying the same as what we would have done without the 10% extra. 

We were all frustrated that on top of the terrible table service and awful food, we had to pay for a meal we did not enjoy and barely touched. So disappointing. 

Our bill with 3p reduced
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