Saturday, May 10, 2014

Revolutions - Bourbon Bad Boy

I really dislike it when restaurants mess up your reservation and don't fully compensate you in return. This was what exactly happened at Revolutions.

We were a group of twelve girls on a hen night and after taking part in cocktail making at Revolutions we were seated in booths, ready to be served what we believed to be a three course buffet meal. The waitress came out with the Revolution Platter, which had fried chicken strips, beans, corn chips, fries, potato wedges, onion rings and coleslaw, and I thought "Yeah, this is what we needed for starters". Once we finished the platter we patiently waited for the next course, only after twenty minutes passing the waitress was no where to be seen. 

Our organiser spoke to the waitress and told her that we had all paid for a three course buffet meal, not just a platter and we expected more food. This was all new to the waitress, she checked our reservation and saw what we had ordered. After speaking to her manager, they said we could all pick any meal from the menu and would give us two pitchers of cocktails, which I didn't agree with. We should have been offered dessert on top, as the value of two pitchers would no where near equate to the same as what we had paid for. I thought it was a cheap way out and they probably thought they could take advantage of girls on a hen do. Terrible customer service on their behalf.

Anyway from the mains I chose the Bourbon Bad Boy, which was double beef burger basted with bourbon chipotle sauce, bacon, cheese, tomato and onion rings served with skinny fries dusted with cajun spice. I love the idea of chips in a mug, makes it feel so homely. Unfortunately that was the only positive from the meal as the burger was not great. The beef was so dry and made chewing and swallowing it so hard. There was really no flavour or substance to it, just your typical bar food where they can reduce the quality of food upon the assumption that everyone will be intoxicated and will want something to soak up the alcohol. 

Bourbon Bad Boy

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