Saturday, May 31, 2014

If Carlsberg Did Food Platters.. It Would Probably Be The Best

For those who know me I love to watch football and usually when I'm at a loose end on a Saturday afternoon I tend to wander into the Empire Casino as they have a Carlsberg bar, which shows sports endlessly all day and everyday. You could easily sit there for 24 hours watching different sports as they take place around the globe, but of course you'd need a bottomless purse of money to keep drinking here. It's not cheap and if you order from the table they automatically add a service charge (both drinks and food).

For the first time in a while I ordered food and had the Carlsberg platter, which included BBQ pork ribs, BBQ chicken wings, mini haddock goujons, tartare sauce, Boston BBQ baked beans and skinny fries, all for £16. However after the service charge it topped the total to £18, much to my dismay. 

The Carlsberg platter was better than I expected, it was surprisingly good. Usually in pubs when I order a platter there is usually at least one thing I'm displeased with, like the food was greasy or the chicken is overcooked. However today I loved each and every part of the platter,  I couldn't get enough of the sweet marinade on the pork ribs and chicken wings to the point where I had no shame in eating with my hands and getting my fingers in a BBQ sauce mess. 

The baked beans had chopped pieces of bacon and I loved how the basket of fries was presented. I left the Carlsberg bar with a full belly and a big smile, probably smeared with BBQ sauce. 

The Carlsberg platter

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