Friday, July 25, 2014


It's not very often I dine at higher end restaurants so when my friend suggested eating at Christopher's in Covent Gardens, I couldn't wait to try it especially after reading about their beef steaks.

The restaurant is located in a populous theatre zone so I'd imagine a lot of the clientèle are people wanting to eat prior to seeing a show. When we arrived our jackets and bags were offered to be taken to a cloakroom and then we were led up an interesting looking staircase to the restaurant. I got excited looking at the photos of the dining room before coming but when I saw it with my own eyes I was just taken aback. The room was so grand with large windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling and mirrors at every angle making it larger than life.

A selection of warm bread and butter was bought to the table, which we quickly tucked into. I had built quite an appetite since leaving work and couldn't wait to get to the main. The menu offers a good selection of dishes and it was the steak and lobster page which drew in my attention. They offer steaks bred from cattle in the US, Scotland and Australia and for some dishes would have to fork out quite a bit. I chose the 6oz prime rump, where all their prime steaks are minimum 30-day aged from Black Angus Cattle and parmesan truffle fries as a side. 

At first glance I thought the steak was tiny, like the size of my clenched fist, I expected it to be larger especially for the price I paid. Although I'm sure any dietician would probably tell me that was the correct portion for someone my size. To compliment my steak I chose Bernaise sauce, which was delicious, it was buttery, creamy and went with my medium rare cooked steak like a match made in heaven.

The parmesan truffle fries were tasty, but I expected better from a place like this.

I was so close to not ordering dessert but am extremely grateful that I changed my mind because it was the highlight of my meal. It looked incredible and tasted even better. The plate was made up of chocolate fudge brownie with warm chocolate sauce, New York cheesecake, peach Melba, pecan pie topped with salted caramel ice cream and key lime pie. Every single spoonful of dessert made my worries disappear. The peach Melba was the star of the show for me, I didn't expect to like it but when I dug through the layers of sweet confectionery it was just heavenly. 

I thought the meal and service at Christopher's was great. I think a little more could have been given for the price we paid but nonetheless, I left a happy consumer. In hindsight I left Christopher's very full, so the steak was definitely a good size for me. 

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