Friday, July 4, 2014

Death by pork broth

As a kid in a Vietnamese household we always used to have a cupboard stocked up with instant Demae ramen noodles. I grew up thinking ramen was a fancy pot noodle until I started eating out a lot more and realised it's a warm bowl of noodle-y deliciousness soaked in animal broth.

Today I visited Bone Daddies after reading so many positive reviews, I tried not to let that influence my opinion of the restaurant, but to be honest the food spoke for itself. When we arrived there was no queue and were promptly seated. I didn't expect Bone Daddies to be so casual and cramped. You could be sharing a table with 5/6 other people in close proximity, so if you're looking for an intimate meal with friends, then this is not the place to go.

Table spread
On every table was an assortment of well thought out things such as a garlic crusher, sesame seeds, soy sauce, hair bands to prevent your hair dipping into your food and bibs to take the hit for any splashed broth. I thought it was great. 

Branded bib
For starters I had the soft shell crab, the batter was light and crispy but it was the spicy green chilli and ginger sauce, which knocked it out of the park for me. It had a strong kick of chilli and the perfect balance of ginger and lime to neutralise it. I really want the recipe for that.

Soft shell crab with delicious green chilli and ginger sauce
My choice of ramen was the tonkotsu with spring onion, chashu pork served in 20 hour pork bone broth. The broth was to die for, to be brewing for 20 hours you could taste the rich, creamy flavour and there was a good noodle to broth ratio. Nothing worse than having loads of broth with no noodles to compliment it or vice versa. There was plenty of toppings served with the ramen including the soft boiled egg with the gooey yolk. There was nothing I did not like about this dish.

Well presented tonkotsu
My friend went for the spicy miso ramen, which was very good but I preferred the spicy ramen in Shoryu(Karaka Tantan Tonkotsu). Had bit more body and spice to it.

Spicy miso ramen
Overall I really liked Bone Daddies, the atmosphere is so laid back and chilled. You can tell they use high quality ingredients and put a lot of effort and perfection into making the broth. I thought our bill was on the pricer side, especially as they add a service charge of 12.5%. For a ramen place I don't think that's quite right as the turnaround is quite quick so staff don't really need to give you much attention.

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