Sunday, June 1, 2014

Golden Pagoda - Chinatown

My dining experiences in London's Chinatown have never been great and tonight wasn't an exception. After a night out my friends were craving Chinese food, so as we pondered through Gerrard Street walking past the array of restaurants, Golden Pagoda looked the most attractive at 22.30. It was surprisingly still busy for this time at night and people were still being served after we were seated.

Like all menus around Chinatown, there are about a hundred different dishes to choose from on the menu, which takes ages to scan through unless you know exactly what you want. I craved something warm and went for the wonton soup. It was pretty average, the wontons were nice and meaty but what put me off were the noodles. When I used my chopsticks to lift the noodles, the whole thing came up all together. It reminded me of when I ate instant noodles and the noodles come out the pot in one and you have to separate it from the clump. 

The whole restaurant is outdated and reminds me of going to an old relative's house, especially with the crockery they serve food in, as we have the same pattern at home. 

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