Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lime Orange

I know the area around Victoria station pretty well as it's my gateway to heading down south to visit my family, and in all the years I've been in the area I've never noticed Lime Orange. It wasn't until the other day when my sister came up to London and craved sushi, so I Googled sushi restaurants around Victoria, and Lime Orange a Korean/ Japanese restaurant cropped up in the search results.

The restaurant was quiet when we arrived and we chose the table right next to the window. My sister sat down eager to order sushi to then be told by the waiter that their sushi chef had gone on holiday this week and was off the menu. The look on my sister's face was priceless, just her luck. The waiter did offer to check with their current chef if he could make some, but my sister didn't want to make a fuss and chose something else instead.

We ordered to share the beef bibimbap served in a hot stone pot with rice, vegetables, egg yolk and miso soup on the side and the pork bulgogi from their barbecue grill. The pork was incredible, it had been marinated in a sweet and spicy chilli sauce and was so tender. We had lettuce as a side and wrapped the pork inside and dipped it into the soy paste. Divine. Reminded me of being back at my mum's as we eat like this a lot and wrap things with lettuce.

The bibimbap was good too, we stirred all the beef into the rice and veg with a bit of soy paste. It all came perfectly together and tasted great. My sister who had never eaten Korean food before loved it.

By the time we finished up our food the restaurant was packed with people waiting for a table outside. I instantly thought we made a good choice by dining here and not choosing somewhere in Victoria station where is crammed with food chains. The price was reasonable with the bill coming to around £22. I would recommend Lime Orange, its definitely got my taste buds wanting more Korean food.

Pork bulgogi
Beef bibimbap
Our spread of Korean yummy goodness

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