Saturday, August 23, 2014

Adesso - Richmond

It was a beautiful sunny day in London so my friend and I decided to venture out of the city and into Richmond. We went for a long stroll through the park where we saw deers and slowly built up quite an appetite by the time we got back into town.
Richmond is not short of restaurants and pubs, but we wanted to eat at a non-chain and settled on Adesso (an Italian restaurant actually run by Italians). What won it for us was the outdoor seating and the cured meat hanging from the celings.
Garlic bread
The staff were absolutely lovely, really attentive and helpful. My friend and I shared the garlic bread, which looked like a mini pizza. It was light and crispy, the perfect appetiser as it didn't bloat us.
For my main I chose the Rigatoni Siciliana, which was Rigatoni pasta with homemade Sicilian sausage with courgettes and a light pistachio cream sauce.The sauce was to die for, it was creamy, had nice flavours and wasn't too thin. The Sicilian sausage had a peppery kick to it and it was good to see they weren't stingy on quantity. My only negative was that some of the pasta could have been boiled for a few minutes longer, I found some parts a bit hard.
I don't think I'd come back here again, Adesso didn't really give me the wow factor and I'm sure Richmond has a lot of better restaurants to offer.
Rigatoni Etna
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