Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dotori - Finsbury Park

There is only one reason why I'd be near Finsbury Park and that's to go see Arsenal play. Usually I stop off at one of those hog dog vans on the walk towards the Emirates Stadium, who charge a premium price for a bit of meat and bread but after reading so many positive reviews on UrbanSpoon about Dotori, I thought this place was a must visit.

As recommended on many of the reviews, I booked a table and I was really grateful that I did. The restaurant got so busy and if there was an empty space there would be a reserved sign on the table. My impression is that Dotori is run by a family, as we arrived dot on 12pm and they were all seated around a table eating their lunch.

Restaurant before the influx of hungry people
One thing I didn't know was that their sushi chef doesn't arrive until around 1pm on Saturdays and we couldn't afford to wait until then as the Arsenal match started shortly after. I was bit disappointed about this as I had really looked forward to trying out their sushi dishes. Despite this there were a lot of other dishes I wanted to try, such as the spicy pork bbq. This was dished up on a sizzling hot plate with lettuce and soy paste. The meal was really good, the meat was tender and had a hot spice to it, but lacking on the lettuce to meat ratio, I think there should have been more lettuce to eat with it.

If I remember correctly my friend had the pork tonkotsu, it was a big slab of breadcrumbed pork on a bed of rice. Great value for money.

Dotori is a restaurant I would highly recommend and is defintiely one of London's cheap eats. If you want to make sure you get a seat then do book in advanced as the tables fill up quickly.

Laminated sushi menu
Spicy pork bbq with lettuce
Pork tonkotsu
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