Friday, October 24, 2014

Bibimbap Soho

It's been a long time since my last blog post, life has been crazy and then I went on holiday for three weeks which didn't help. I'm looking through my photos and boy do I have a big backlog to fill. 

So to start a couple weeks ago my friend and I stopped off at Bibimbap for dinner after a long day shopping and woo they do a great Korean bibimbap. Prior to visiting I read countless reviews on Bibimbap so naturally had high expectations for this eatery. The interior is modern and in your face, there’s no subtlety with the bright green paintwork and bold read writing on the walls. Stuck on the main wall are polaroid photos of many happy customers, which I thought was different.

The menu is simple and very affordable. We chose the pork and vegetable mandoo, which is fried pork and vegetable dumplings served with a chilli, garlic, seasame soy sauce. This was delicious and set the standard for the rest of the meal in which I chose the spicy pork bibimbap with a raw egg.

They say the best way to eat Bibimbap is to mix it as much as you can and this is certainly what I did with my chopsticks. The stone pot was burning hot, which made the egg cook quickly and combined everything together. You do need to keep mixing until you finish as the food is constantly cooking and you don't want the rice to harden. 

One of my irks and this doesn't only apply to Bibimbap but a lot of oriental restaurants in London is use the cheap wooden chopsticks. I hate these and I think food would taste a lot better if they used proper plastic or metal chopsticks. Other than that, the food and service was great, I'd definitely be happy to come back and try other dishes. 

Spicy pork bibimbap
My spicy pork mashup

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