Friday, December 5, 2014

Banh Mi Bay

Being Vietnamese I'm usually quite picky when it comes to dining out at Oriental restaurants but I read a lot of positive reviews from Banh Mi Bay just off Chancery Lane and thought it looked too good to miss.

The restaurant looks really cute from the outside with its bright blue paint job, reminded me of a bakery. The inside is decorated with wooden furnishings and is smaller than I thought. The menu is written on a blackboard above the kitchen, which you can scan as you wait for a table.

I love Vietnamese food, the herbs and ingredients use are so aromatic and fresh. I chose the shredded caramel pork banh mi, which is a baguette filled with pickled carrot and mooli, cucumber, coriander and fresh chilli. You can then choose between wholemeal, white French baguettes or home-made Vietnamese baguettes, I obviously went for the latter. The banh mi was really filling and I didn't feel guilty eating it as it was stuffed well with fresh vegetables.

Shredded caramel pork banh mi
We also ordered banh xeo, which is a Vietnamese pancake made with rice flour filled with seafood and pork and some summer rolls. I forgot which one we actually ordered but it was delicious, I loved dipping it into the fish sauce. The banh xeo really hit the spot, it's one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes and Banh Mi Bay got it right. I really liked it.

Banh xeo and summer rolls