Thursday, August 27, 2015

Smack Lobster Roll

Smack Lobster Deli has been on my list of places to eat for ages, alongside its siblings Burger & Lobster and Beast. The Russian owned Goodman Restaurant Group have been hot on turning a simple concept into London's most popular eateries. Unlike Burger and Lobster, Smack Deli serves only lobster but in a roll, on its own or salad and is more of a fast food joint.

After reading reviews I expected there to be a long wait to queue for food or to get a table but we strolled straight in to the counter and ordered. There are 4 styles of lobster rolls or you can order half/whole lobster. We chose the Mexican and Seven Samurai. Both were very good, the jalapeƱos topped on the Mexican gave it a nice spicy kick and the Seven Samurai was delicious. It could have done with a bit more ginger as I didn't taste that, but the lobster was really fresh and in abundance. Keeping the lobster together was the brioche roll, it was light and toasted to perfection. 

We also ordered the lobster chowder and courgette fries on the side. The chowder was delicious and the star of the show, it had large chunks of lobster meat and was rich in flavour. The fries were good but too oily for me, I wouldn't be ordering them again.

Overall I really enjoyed my meal here, the staff were friendly and kept the place clean. Better choices of sides would have been good but a place like this rides on its reputation and affordable lobster rolls.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Roti King - London Euston

Roti King is tucked away behind Euston station and upon first glance looks like some shady 24 hour fast food joint, but looks can certainly be deceiving. As I walked down the stairs I could see every seat in the house occupied. The place isn't that big and can certainly get crowded. We waited for about 10 minutes outside and looked at the menu before being seated. 

For lunch I chose the lamb roti canai and cold tek tarik, which is Malaysian tea with condensed milk. Being Vietnamese I do love ice cold tea/coffee and this was so good. The perfect drink to wash down the curry. What stole the show was the roti, it was buttery, light, crispy and didn't make me feel bloated. Prices are reasonable for what you get, I would happily come here again and try something different as the dishes all looked great. 

The downside of Roti King was the service was so slow, we waited around 30 minutes for our roti canai. There were tables which ordered after us and were served food before we did. Also one of the staff behind the counter shattered a glass tumbler and it flew everywhere. There was glass on the floor and by my foot, not once did anyone come around to check the floor or pick any up. They only replaced the food on the table closest to the counter after being prompted by the customer.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dinerama - Shoreditch

Dinerama is a street food market in Shoreditch which houses cuisines from all over the world. When I visited it had returned from the ashes after the fire breakout and was looking good as new. I arrived at 6.30pm (note that after 7pm there is a £3 door charge) and crowds were slowly forming around the stalls with hungry people.

There is a good selection of food stalls which feature here, the difficulty is finding where to eat. As I walked around the smells were amazing from barbecue to sweet doughnuts and wood fired pizza.

Cheeky Italian
My friend and I chose the beef poutine on fries from Cheeky Italian. The beef was slow cooked in a delicious gravy topped with cheese sauce and a pinch of rosemary tossed on top. It was so good, I could have eaten another box full.

Yum Bun
I quote from Yum Bun "Irresistibly soft steamed buns" which are jam packed with flavour and meat. We chose the slow roasted pork belly which came with cucumber, spring onion and hoisin sauce. The pork was juicy and succulent and had a sweet taste from the sauce, I shared it with my friend but could have really have eaten two of these to myself. 

The other was fried shrimp packed with green chilli sambal and shredded lettuce. The texture of the soft bun with the crispy battered shrimp paired like a match made in heaven. The sambal gave it a spicy kick, leaving a nice heated after taste. 

Big Bar
This was the pink grapefruit cocktail mixed with pomegranate, honey and mint. It was nothing special and overpriced for what is was.