About me

I have a big fascination with food so decided to blog about it to share my thoughts and experiences. I was raised in a household where we ate a hybrid of different cuisines, mainly of British and Asian influences which ignited my love for food. This combined with opportunities to travel has definitely fuelled my interest in tasting new foods and learning about new dishes.

My blog started when I was in Melbourne as I found I was constantly dining out so decided to write about it as a hobby. Since then I've moved to London and the food scene is awesome (my purse won't like it so much). There is so much choice from cheap eats, pop-ups to Michelin dining and markets. It's definitely a foodie's dream.

Anyway this is just a hobby and a great excuse for me to try new foods. I appreciate any recommendations and can be contacted by email at foreignfoodaffair@gmail.com.

Thuy Nguyen, November 2015